Boost Your Mindset in the Gym

With the weather turning darker, greyer, wetter, and colder, many of us struggle to get motivated at this time of year. When training, there’s nothing worse than a lack of motivation and mental stamina. We all have lapses in motivation, so does that mean we should just accept the fact that we’re struggling and simply wait until we’re feeling motivated again before we hit the gym? No, it certainly does not. If you do that, your training patterns will be sporadic, and you’ll struggle to make any real gains at all. Creating a positive and motivational mindset is essential if you want to get into ‘the zone’ when training. Here are some tips to help you do precisely that.

Get rid of distractions – If you’re serious about getting a solid workout under your belt, the first thing you need to do is get rid of distractions. Let’s not beat about the bush here, the biggest distraction for most gym-goers, and most members of the general public for that matter, is the smart phone. Put down your phone, and leave it out of sight. How can you expect to get motivated if you’re taking minutes between each set to sit texting, or scrolling through pointless social media posts? Whatever it is that happens to be distracting you, either get rid of it, or remove yourself from it/them and continue your workout.

Reboot your brain – This may sound like a bizarre, out there, technique you’d hear at a motivational seminar but take it from us, it really does work. Think of your brain like a computer. If you leave a computer running, with endless programs and videos running and playing in the background, it will become slow and sluggish before eventually freezing. When your computer freezes, you reboot it. Well, apply this principle with your brain. If you’re just struggling to lift the weights today, and find the motivation to focus, close your eyes, relax your mind, control your breathing, and try to shut off everything around you. Picture a blank screen in your mind, and hold it for as long as it takes for complete calmness and tranquility to take hold. Now, open your eyes, take a deep breath, raise your head, and focus on crushing the remainder of your workout.

Flick the switch – When you switch on a light switch at night-time, the room floods with light. Flick it again, and the room is dark. When you’re looking to get into the zone before a big training session, find a way of flicking your metaphorical light switch. Imagine that your head is a light switch. Now, lower your chin and close your eyes and let go of any negative emotions or thoughts. With your eyes closed, lift your head to the ceiling, before lowering it to your chest. Repeat this process two or three times. Now the negativity has gone, you’re no longer thinking about how hard your next set will be and whether or not you’ll complete a working set, and instead, you’re raring to go. Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall had a similar technique before he deadlifted 500kg. His ‘switch’ however, was flicked when he sharply pinched the skin on his wrist with his free hand. As soon as he felt the pinch, this was like flicking a switch and he knew it was ‘go-time’.